Bluehost: Why Is It the Best Hosting Service Provider for Your Business?

When you decide to develop an online presence for your brand or company, the most troubling issue is selecting the right hosting company. With thousands of hosting companies wooing you to consider their offer, it makes hard for you to make the right decision.  In essence, the hosting company you select for your web will determine whether you will achieve your online presence goals or not.

Blue host is one of the recognized web hosting providers. It has been in operations for more than 20 years. The company provides hosting services for both personal and business sites.

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Here are the four reasons why Bluehost is an excellent web hosting services provider:

1. Easy WordPress installations

WordPress is an open source that offers free plugins for building your website. With it, you can add and design your site without the need of having knowledge in web development. Bluehost offers you a one click WordPress setup platform where you can install all the features you need on your site from one place. Also, the company offers you an opportunity to start building your site immediately after purchasing a hosting plan.

2. Free domain

Unlike other hosting services, Bluehost offers you a free domain across all hosting plans. Also, you get a chance to register unlimited parked and subdomains for free.  With one hosting plan, you can operate several sites with different subdomain names. As such, if for instance, your business deals with a variety of products and brands, you can run a separate site for each brand. Hence, Bluehost offers you an unlimited opportunity to establish your brands online at a lower cost.

3. Unlimited support

Even if you do not have any knowledge in developing your web, upon hosting your site with Bluehost, the company provides you with unlimited support on the way forward. As a client, you can access video tutorials, guides, and online chats with experts who take you through each step of setting up your site. Fundamentally, the support is available at any time of the day.

4. Free online marketing offers

When you pay for either the Pro or Prime hosting plans, Bluehost offers you more than $150 for online marketing purpose. Essentially, the offer aims at enabling you to establish your business on top sites such as Google and Bing. Hence, apart from providing you affordable hosting services, the company enables you to gain an audience on the internet which is an added advantage.

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